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Our Beliefs and Principles


Our goal is to increase stakeholder value by delivering sustainable solutions to our customers, which is crucial for the success of our company. To achieve this, we require sustainable business operations in order to meet our needs today, whilst protecting resources and rights for future generations. This will be accomplished by the continuous improvement of our first class HSE&S performance through corporate leadership, the dedication of our staff and application of the highest professional standards in our work.

The principles by which we operate are:

  • All work related injuries and illnesses are preventable.
    Therefore, we protect people on our sites, people involved in our businesses and other stakeholders’ interests from accidental or deliberate harm, damage or loss.
  • All emissions of hazardous materials can be prevented and will progressively be reduced, as products and technologies develop.
  • Our goals can only be achieved and the business maintained by the continuous improvement of our HSE&S performance through leadership of line management, the dedication of our staff and application of the highest professional standards in our work. Continuous improvement in HSE, Security and Product Stewardship will provide business value, opportunities and competitive advantage.
  • Stakeholders have a right to information about our operations and HSE&S performance and transparency will promote and increase trust.

HSE&S Management System

Continuous improvement in Health, Safety, Environment & Security and Product Stewardship performance is integral to sustainability, as well as providing business value, opportunities and competitive advantages. The implementation of the HSE&S policy across all operations, sites and businesses, is through the Health, Safety, Environment & Security Management System, which is fully integrated into the company’s organization scheme. The key elements are the policy, directives, standards, guidelines, local management system & training management, self assessment & audit, performance reporting and policy review.

Corporate Directives which specify general minimum requirements that must be strictly applied and help implementing the policy.

Standards included in our Corporate HSE&S Manual, which specify additional professional detail on requirements to be followed to fully comply with the Corporate Directives.

Guidance Notes also included in our Corporate HSE&S Manual, which provide additional and/or explanatory information useful to develop local procedures and systems to effectively implement the Directives and Standards.  In general, Guidance Notes are based on best practices within the company: they are recommended but not mandatory.

HSE &S Assurance Process

Any system cannot work without having underlined processes and an organizational structure to implement it. Our system is based on:

Assurance Diagam

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship, the ongoing performance improvement of products in terms of safety, health and environmental impact is one of the cornerstones of sustainable business.

All AkzoNobel Businesses have Product Stewardship Management Systems in place which include the following building blocks:

  • Providing information to stakeholders about health and safety aspects of products.
  • Providing guidelines for safe transport and handling during storage, application and use of products.
  • Commitment to reducing and wherever possible elimination of hazardous raw materials and wherever possible elimination of products that are harmful to safety, health and/or environment.

AkzoNobel’s Eco-premium solutions program, which focuses on the development of products with lower toxicity; improved energy efficiency; use of natural resources/ raw materials, reduced emissions waste, land use and risks (e.g. of accidents) is the logical next step in Product Stewardship.

Memberships and Endorsements

Product Stewardship related Memberships and Endorsements include:

  • AkzoNobel adheres to the principles of Responsible Care®. This is the chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative under which companies, through their national associations, work together to continuously improve their health, safety and environmental performance, and to communicate with stakeholders about their products and processes.
  • In 2007, AkzoNobel became a signatory to the Global Responsible Care Charter.
  • AkzoNobel’s Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings Businesses adhere to the principles of Coatings Care®. This is the preeminent environmental health and safety management program for coatings manufacturers around the world, and is being actively implemented by paint, printing ink, and adhesives companies in over 11 countries. These companies are making effective use of the Coatings Care ® programs and resource materials, all of which are aimed at providing business value while enhancing health, safety and environmental performance.

HSE&S Awards

  1. ICI Pakistan CEO’s HS&E  trophy in 1998, 2004, & 2005.

  2. ICI Leadership Award for Sustainability-Paints Asia Pacific Round

    • 2003: Winner in Safety Category
    • 2004: Winner in Environment Category
    • 2005: Winner in Health Category
  3. ICI Leadership Award for Sustained SSHE Excellence in 2004 & 2005.

  4. Site EMS is ISO-14000 certified since July, 1999 from Moody’s International