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About Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

We offer a wide variety of specialty chemicals from AkzoNobel’s global portfolio in Pakistan. AkzoNobel is a world leader in the production of specialty chemicals. These chemicals are used as key ingredients in many industrial processes and come from several different business units within AkzoNobel – Surface Chemistry, Functional Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals as well as Pulp & Paper Chemicals.

Surface Chemistry – deals with surface-active agents used in everything from asphalt and agro chemicals to paint and personal care products.

Functional Chemicals – are chemical intermediates, performance chemicals and end-products used in everyday items such as detergents, vinyl, automotive parts, agricultural products, pharmaceutical products, food products, wallpaper adhesives, plastic bags and cosmetics.

Industrial Chemicals include salt, chlor-alkali products and derivatives like monochloracetic acid (MCA). These are essential for the success of the chemical, detergent, construction, food, paper and plastic industries.

Pulp & Paper Chemicals - Eka Chemicals serves the paper industry with environmentally-safe bleaching agents and a range of process and performance chemicals such as sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide. Other products include wet strength agents, dry strength agents and coating additives.