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Refinish Coatings

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If you’ve ever had your car re-sprayed, chances are it involved one or more of AkzoNobel’s car refinish products. And if you’ve ever seen a customized finish to a commercial vehicle, there’s a good chance that AkzoNobel Coatings were somewhere to be found on the vehicle. That’s because Refinish Coatings is a leading supplier of paints and services to car repair and commercial vehicle manufacturers not only around the world, but also in Pakistan.

We are a leading innovator of product, color technology and state-of-the-art customer services. Our product range includes solutions to meet the needs of various segments in the vehicle refinishes market, as well as the OEM commercial vehicles. Our world’s leading brands include Sikkens®, DynaCoat®, AutoPaints®, PU®, and Dulac®. We deliver innovative solutions to bodyshop owners and repair professionals; car, bus and truck manufacturers; fleet owners; and the public sector. It’s not just the excellence of our products that sets us apart. Our customers choose us because we treat them as partners.

We have developed a fine-tuned approach to key account management, and an outstanding global distribution network. We have unrivalled in-house knowledge and exploit the most advanced technologies to maintain our lead in color and product development. Finally, we have adopted management practices and business strategies that are designed to deliver sustainable business success to our customer, and in so doing, secure our own business success for many more years to come.

At Refinish Coatings, we appreciate the importance of true partnership. That is why you can count on us for outstanding customer service and reliable deliveries. We also offer top-notch training, full technical and logistical support, and take great pride in our deep understanding of the market where we are active.